John Hughes, Candidate for South Dakota House District 13

Your Citizen Candidate in District 32

Your Citizen Candidate in District 32

Why am I running?

South Dakota is a great place to raise a family, start a business, and live freely. We must preserve this way of life for future generations. That is why I am running to represent you and I humbly ask for your vote.

As your representative, I will:

Protect Private Property

The individual right to private property is a uniquely American ideal and we must guard against abuses of eminent domain.

Strengthen our God-given Rights

Our Rights come from God, not government. We must strengthen these Natural Rights, including self-defense, life, and liberty.

Stop Government Overreach

Our country is designed for self-governance. The intrusion of government in our personal, professional, and spiritual lives is troubling and we should reverse this trend.

Defend Election Integrity

Trustworthy elections are a cornerstone of our Republic. We must ensure confidence in our elections.

Promote Economic and Workforce Development

Our community is growing rapidly. We should promote business, education, and career development to strengthen our city, county, and state.

Reduce the Tax Burden on Families & Businesses

Families in our community are seeing rising costs in all areas of our lives. In the legislature we can control taxes and reduce the burden on families and businesses.